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The Reading Tower

The Reading Tower is a fun and sustainable game that is helping children learn to read. We have various word lists to help your child progress further on their reading journey. 

Every Reading Tower includes: 54 wooden blocks, decodable word stickers, 1 dice, sand timer, drawstring bag and instructions to four games.

Choose from 8 different word lists depending on your child's reading ability. Add an extra $9.95 for shipping to any location in Australia or email for pick-up on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Evidence-based learning tool

The Reading Tower - School Kits

 Are you looking for a teaching and learning tool to complement your synthetic phonics program? The Reading Tower is a fun and sustainable resource that is helping teachers differentiate their reading instruction with minimal preparation time. Our School Kits can work alongside any structured literacy program.
For beginner readers

First School Year Kit

We have created this evidence-based learning tool to help beginner readers develop their word fluency and orthographic mapping skills, by applying their knowledge of phonemes and graphemes to decode words.

The First School Year Kit contains 4 Reading Towers and more than 300 decodable words!  Instructions to four engaging games is included with the potential to create many more literacy activities using the same word blocks. 

Games include:

  1. What's in the Bag? This activity develops students phonemic awareness skills. One player picks out a word block without revealing to the others what is written on the block. The player then sounds out the word, while the other players blend the sounds to correctly guess the word.

  2. Four in a row develops students decoding skills and orthographic mapping. This game is great for literacy centres, with two players required per tower.  This game of chance and strategy includes a six sided die. Students can only read a word from the column that matches the number on the die. The first student who reads four words in a row, wins the game. 

  3. Thirty seconds: This game was created to develop students recognition of graphemes. All the word blocks are laid out on a surface and students have 30 seconds to find as many blocks with the focus grapheme / phoneme that the teacher calls out.

  4. Word Tower:  This game  is just like Jenga with words! Simply pull out a word, read it and place it on top of the tower without making the tower tumble.

  5. Create your own activities! Please share with us any other activities you create with our word blocks. Here are some others we've used in our tutor sessions: group words that rhyme and record them in a table; pull a random word block from the bag and create an oral or written sentence; find all of the verbs in the word tower; read a word block and line the blocks upright like dominoes.


Price includes postage to all locations in Australia

Primary Years Kit

The Primary Years Kit is an extension of the First School Year Kit.  It includes 10 Reading Towers and more than 580 decodable words, as well as instructions to four fun and engaging games!

The Primary Years Kit is best suited to students in Foundation to Year 2 as well as struggling readers, though we have found that all students in the primary school years enjoy playing along.  The Primary Years Kit can be adapted to any structured literacy program; simply choose the phonemes you want to focus on each week.

The following word lists are included:

·  CVC words

·  CCVC / CVCC words, including ll, ff, ss

·  Consonant Digraphs: ch, sh, ck, th, ng, qu

·  Long vowel sounds: ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, igh, ow, oa, ew, ue

·  Split vowel digraphs: a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e

The Reading Tower is helping F-2 teachers cover the Literacy strand in the Australian Curriculum with minimal preparation.

Delivery time is currently 3 weeks after you place your order.

Price includes shipping to any location in Australia. 

Learn to Read at Home

How To Play The Reading Tower

Four games to help your early learner develop reading fluency.